What signal are you giving out? I have to be honest when I was in a season of brokenness before I gave my life to God. I would attract all type of people that was broken too… for the life of me, I couldn’t understand why I kept repeating the same pattern. Until I realize, You attract what you are, (Law of Attraction) broken people can’t help each other, it’s only causing more damage as an individual.. and it always ends to a failed relationship.. and now I was more damage than I was going in the relationship. That’s why it’s imperative that you ask God to heal you. Take time out to love you first… When you love yourself and you’re in a HAPPY space with yourself.. you then will attract healthy people and situations. It’s okay to sit on the bench until God work on you before you get back out to the dating scene. Trust me you will glad you did. My question to you- What type of relationships/ Situations are you attracting? #SelfEvaluateCheck

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